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Please attend this opportunity for all of us, as a neighborhood community, to organize and come together to share our concerns regarding sewers and the lack of federal support for this project with our Congressman Jim Langevin. Councilman, Ed Ladouceur, State Representative Joe Solomon Jr, and our Mayor Scott Avedisian are attending.

We need your support!   Please make every attempt to attend this meeting Tuesday night. 
A large turnout will surely send a message that WE are united as a community regarding sewers.

Six Talking Points for Warwick Sewer Issue:

1. Over 25 years ago Warwick received federal funding to defray 60% of the costs to install sewers in every neighborhood in the city that was adjacent to the Bay.  The city mismanaged the funds, failed to complete the sewer project and subsequently lost federal funding after placing sewers in only select politically connected neighborhoods.  Over 40% of the neighborhoods in Warwick never had sewers installed!

2. Despite over 25 years of negligence, incompetence, and shady political deals associated with the sewer project, the city is forcing neighborhoods that are without sewers to pay the full costs for completing a project that should have been finished decades ago.

3. Over the past 25 years the price of labor, material, as well as new environmental and archeological regulations have all dramatically increased the costs of the sewer project. The financial burden is further exacerbated by the lack of any federal dollars dedicated to this project.

4. A clean Narragansett Bay provides vital environmental and economic public benefits to ALL the residents of Warwick, the state, and the region. 

5.  Therefore the costs and responsibilities of this public good must be shared by all.  The fiscal liability must not be carried by a few Warwick residents who failed to benefit from political deals made thirty years ago.

6. Riverview residents have not had any of their roads paved for decades because they were told sewers were imminent.  The city has saved millions of dollars by not paving streets in these neighborhoods. Other sections of Warwick have benefited from paved roads that were paid, in part, from taxes levied on residents whose streets were totally neglected by the city. 

Thank you to our Councilman, Ed Ladouceur for your continued concern, leadership and help with the ongoing sewer issues.  Also, thank you to our Riverview neighbors Marc & Pauline Genest, who created the Talking Points


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